Guidelines For Special Issue

Special issue Rules

Special Issues are important component of all the journals published under Insights in Biology and Medicine. Special issue caters the need of extending the scope of journal by incorporating new and emerging trends in that discipline.

To disseminate valuable research information efficiently we have divided the whole process of manuscript submission into various easy to understand steps.

Step 1- Primary proposal and manuscript collection

Step 2- Review and revision of the special issue

Step 3- Decision making after considering peer-review process

Step 4- Special Issue publication or denial

Step 1-Primary proposal and manuscript collection

While submitting the proposals for Special Issues, Editors must make it sure that the proposal adheres to aims and scopes of the journal.

The Special Issue proposal should be in following format and sequence:

  • Name of the journal
  • Title of the special issue
  • Detail information about guest editors
  • Last date for submission
  • Final date of issue release
  • List of potential authors
  • Broad outline of proposed special issue title

Manuscript collection or assortment depends on motivating primary proposals. To make Special Issue a success, Editors can invite colleagues and other authors to submit manuscripts. The Editorial office can provide official E-mail Ids to Editors for inviting authors to submit manuscripts. Further, the Editors are free to seek assistance from editorial office for inviting authors.

Step 2- Review and Revision of the special issue

We recommend authors to carefully study the flow chart to have better understanding about the Insights in Biology and Medicine editorial review procedure.

Once manuscript is submitted it undergoes checks from Special Issue Editors/Guest Editors/Journal Quality Team depending on their availability. This scrutinizes the manuscript for better academic value and relevance of the subject which ensures smooth peer review process.

Once it has been established that manuscript is suitable, the Lead Guest Editor ensures that manuscript is not giving rise to any conflict. After that Lead Guest Editor proceeds with review of the manuscript on quality basis. In this process he/she allots the manuscript to guest editors and external referees for review and revision process of the manuscript.

Guest editors formulate a report and submit it to Special Issue Editor. The Special Issue Editor may take any of the following decisions:

  • Manuscript can be accepted without any modifications for publication.
  • Manuscript needs minor modifications before getting published.
  • Manuscript need major modifications before getting published.
  • Manuscript is inappropriate for the journal and should be rejected as it fails to meet the standards.

Step 3- Decision making after considering peer-review process

Insights in Biology and Medicine entrusts authority to the Guest Editors at all stages of review and revision process but it is mandatory for the editors to follow the instructions of Insights in Biology and Medicine, including the Statement of Editorial Policy, Code of Ethics, Instructions for Contributors, Guidelines for Reviewers and style guide. Editors of Insights in Biology and Medicine work closely with the Guest Editors assisting them in crafting proposal and Call for Papers. They make consensus with Guest Editors for formation of an editorial team of the Special Issue.

Step 4- Special Issue publication or denial

It is discretionary power of the Insights in Biology and Medicine to decide whether the submitted manuscript will be considered for special issue or regular issue of the journal. Authors are notified about final decision whether the manuscript is published in the Special Issue or not, how and why of manuscript publication and reasons for rejection.

Factors on which maximum length of the Special Issue depends are as follows:

  • List of manuscripts to be included for publication in the Special Issue.
  • The order to be followed for publication and appearance of manuscripts in the Special Issue.
  • The article introducing the Special Issue.
  • The total number of all editors/reviewers for the Special Issue and their affiliations.

Article Processing Charges

We are an open access journal and charges applicable for publishing in Special Issue is to compensate the expenses for processing and production of the manuscript. Moreover, Insights in Biology and Medicine never ask funding agencies for monetary support and reprint issues and other monetary resources are also very limited. It is working under economic constraints and expects scholars to see all the hard work done in providing access to the quality research work across the world. We look for generous support and contribution from you.

Applicable charges for publishing in Special Issue is $1799 which includes processing charges, archiving, designing and promotional charges.

In spite of having so many monetary hassles the journal understands that majority of the authors do not have funding resources, so to keep publishing with them we offer substantial discounts. This discount gateway is applicable to special issue editors, guest editors and deserving authors.

Conditions for discount are as follows:

  • Special Issue Editors are provided complete publication fee waiver on their first article, if they act as corresponding author for that article. For subsequent articles, Special Issue Editors are eligible for 20% discount on publication fees.
  • If Special Issue Editor refers any author then article by that author will attract 30% discount on the publication fees.
  • A Guest Editor acting as corresponding author can avail 20% discount.
  • Those authors who do not have any references can also avail discounts. They are eligible for 20% discounts on publication fees.

In case a scholar is under tremendous economic constraints and feel that he/she should be provided more discounts then that scholar is free to contact journal management team through E-Mail: or Call us +4043820291.

We are committed towards ethical and quality research publication. We have been quite successful in overcoming economic barriers and building long term publication relations with authors.

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